Multiplex Gemini

Multiplex Gemini 

 98.99 GBP

Right from the earliest days biplanes have held a very special position in the history of aviation. Even today this layout is very popular, especially for aircraft which are required to combine agility, relatively low wing loading and compact dimensions. The distinctive biplane "look” also attracts many modellers to these aircraft, but in many cases they are frightened off by the considerable extra complexity compared to "normal” models. Not so with our Gemini ELAPOR® model, which is quick to build, fast to rig, and available at a very reasonable price - even with the brushless power set. In comparison with models of "classic” construction, it is downright inexpensive.

The dedicated Gemini power set, # 33 2634, gives the model a very lively performance, making it capable of all aerobatic manoeuvres with the exception of 3-D. Typical flight times with a 2000 mAh battery are around 10 - 12 minutes. With the tuning powerset # 332640 3DAerobatics becomes big fun.

Kit contents:

Moulded ELAPOR® components

Wheel spats, wheels


GRP spar

Small items, linkage components

Decal sheet

Comprehensive illustrated instructions


The model’s fl ying characteristics are good-natured, and its ground handling at take-off and landing are exemplary.

  • The landing speed is low.
  • The model can be dismantled in just one minute, so it is easy to transport even where space is very limited. However, most cars can carry the model "in one piece”.
  • The Gemini is designed to accept various motors and battery types.
  • The biplane can be completed either with an enclosed cabin or a simple windscreen.
  • The top surface of the wings does not feature moulding "pimples”. Instead the wings have that characteristic "rib and fabric covering” look of full-size biplanes.
  • The Gemini is equipped with streamlined wheel spats which are quite practical for take-off and landing on grass strips.
  • The undercarriage is robust, but is designed to absorb hard landing shocks. It can easily be straightened after a hard landing, making the model ready for the air again without delay.
  • The steerable tailwheel provides effective directional control at take-off, and accurate taxiing when manoeuvring on the ground.



920 mm

Overall fuselage length:

920 mm

All-up weight:

min. 840 g*

Wing area:

approx. 34 dmē

Wing loading (FAI):

min. 25 g/dmē


Rudder, elevator, aileron, throttle

* with recommended equipment