Flyzone Sensei FS trainer

Flyzone Sensei FS trainer 

 145.00 GBP

The Sensei FS trainer model, with WISE stabilisation system, off ers a new dimension in ease of operation.

The innovative WISE 3-axis stabilisation system is almost like having a flight instructor present who will instantly assume control should you yourself lose it.

A powerful brushless motor supplies the performance for dynamic aerobatics once your skills are sufficiently improved, and a practical "Drop-Door" function allows you to drop a payload of your choice.

The RTF set contains everything needed for an immediate start - all you need do is assemble the model and charge the battery.

The Rx-R Version without receiver is ideal for model pilots who already have an RC-system.

Technical specifi cations:

Wingspan: 1475 mm

Length: 1220 mm

Total weight: 1470-1590 g

RC functions:

Motor, ailerons, rudder and elevator, "Drop-Door"- function

Rx-R model, pre-assembled component-groups with factory-fitted servos, motor and ESC

Included in Rx-R:

- Pre-assembled tough AeroCell foam model with factory-fitted brushless motor and ESC, rudder and elevator servos, and WISE stabilisation system (calibrated and set for Sensei FS)

- Pre-assembled wings with aileron servos

- Ready-to-mount rudder and elevator

- Aluminium undercarriage with nosewheel-steering

- Comprehensive building and operating instructions


4 or more Ch Tx + Rx

2200 3s lipo with charger