Volantex Claymore 50

Volantex Claymore 50 

 159.99 GBP


The brushless Claymore 50 captures all the realsim and excitment of full size Formula One powerboats. The highest class of inshore powerboat racing in the world the class follows a similar lead to F1 cars...just on the water. 

As with the full size boats, the Claymore 50 features a tunnel hull catamaran design capable of high speed and exceptional manoeuvrability. Whilst full size F1 boats can reach speeds of up to 155mph and 0-60mph in less than two seconds, the powerfull 3500kv brushless motor and 3S Li-Po battery provide the Claymore with equally impressive performance. 

Arriving in the box pre-assembled, painted and finished all that is required is to add 4 x AA batteries to the 2.4ghz transmitter and charge the batteries to be race ready at your startline. 

Volantex Claymore 50 Racing Boat Features:


Overall Length: 50cm

  • Motor Size: 2212/3500kv brushless motor
  • Servo : 17g waterproof x 1pcs
  • Battery: 11.1v 1800mAh LiPo Battery
  • Speed: 50km/h approx
  • Water resistant & cooled 20A ESC
  • LiPo Charger
  • 2.4ghz Exmitter Transmitter

Please Note: This model is sold in ready-to-run format but requires 4 x AA batteries for completion.

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