FTX Buzzsaw , Fast Tracked All Terrain Vehicle

FTX Buzzsaw , Fast Tracked All Terrain Vehicle 

 69.99 GBP

The FTX Buzzsaw is a combination of trail vehicle and tank for the ulimate off road fun! Buzzsaw drives like a car and can rotate 360 degrees for swift direction changes thanks to its unique plantetary gear, double-motor wavebox that enables the tracks to move in opposite directions when turning for a smoother ‘car like’ driving experience.

Tracks complete with shock absorbing independant suspension and a raised centre cockpit enables you to drive through shallow puddles (up to 5cm depth) and over obstacles with ease, as well as conquer gradients of up to 30 degrees.

Rooftop LED’s light the way for any night time running, while the opening gull wing doors and internal cockpit add a touch of scale realism.

Get ready to enjoy the latest craze in surface vehicles - Buzzsaw!

Available in White, Grey or Camo.


2.4ghz radio system

Three colour choices

7.4V Li-Ion 1200mAh Battery

USB Charger

Rubber Tracks

Independent suspension

Double-Motor Wavebox

Opening gull-wing style doors

360 Rotation

Climb upto 30degree gradients

Max Speed 12kph

34.3 x 17.4 x 14.5cm size